Prices and sizes

All prices are in Euros and include Finnish VAT (24% as of 1.1.2013). The VAT will be excluded from the prices of products sent to countries outside European Union.

Prices are per meter of ready wrap with blunt ends. If you want the wrap to be tapered, please add the depth of the taper to it. (E.g. For a 4.5m wrap with blunt ends the price is 4.5 times the meter price, and for a tapered 4.5m it is the meter price times 4.7 if the depth is 20cm).

At this point I don’t have a fixed pricing list apart from the base price and the prices are “ask for a quote” type. The reason for this is that the prices will vary greatly, depending mostly on how time-consuming the different tasks in each warp/wrap are (dyeing, beaming, threading, treadling, throwing…) because I concentrate heavily on living my passion which is exploring different weave structures and designing patterns, also dyeing techniques and probably some new fibers or fiber combos, too, as well as offer full customs the price of which is affected by the combo chosen by each customer.

The minimum base price per meter is 95 euros. Most often the per meter price ranges from 100 to 150 euros depending on the weave, materials and possible dye work. For reference, the most expensive options are dye jobs and anything involving weaving with two shuttles.

Do not hesitate to inquire an estimate for a specific combination you may have in mind. :)


Shipping will be added to the price. Shipping of one wrap usually is approximately from 25 to 40 euros (5,90 to Finland).

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