How to order a wrap?

At the moment I do not keep a waiting list. Slots for semicustoms or custom warps are dealt out in various ways:

- announcement on FB business page (for most semi-customs) = PM with interest/fastest fingers

- draw: announcement on FB business page, entry by email (for semicustoms in warps/ready wraps that are HSA type)

- auction: announcement on FB business page, bidding in auction group (for most full customs or special wraps)

- stocking in Etsy=fastest fingers (both for HSA type= announced on FB business page or in-stock ready items)

- “weaver’s choice” = inspiration pic/story “competition”: semi-custom

Please feel welcome to suggest colourways, weaves, blends… I’m open to new things! :)


When you’ve been booked a slot, you’ll be asked about the preferred size and weft option. If the warp in question is scheduled to go on loom in the near future, you’ll have a bit less time to ponder your choices. I will help you to the best of my ability with the options and the questions you may have. I always double check your choices before ordering the yarn, so you have the opportunity to change your mind.

Please do inform me about cancellation as soon as possible so I can offer the slot to others. Should you be unable to pay the invoice, your slot/wrap will be forwarded.

When the previous warp is on loom, you’ll be sent an invoice via PayPal or email (at the moment only PayPal for international customers, for customers with a Finnish bank account either bank transfer or PayPal). When the wrap is finished, it is packed and sent using Finnish postal service. The prices of wraps and delivery can be found in Pricing. The currency is Euro.

NOTE! UNFORTUNATELY I CANNOT SHIP RUSSIA. If your shipping address is outside EU, please let me know so I can check the customs/shipping regulations for your country. The customer is responsible for paying whatever customs/tax/import fees their country charges. Note that the prices include VAT 24% to the purchases shipped inside EU and this tax is reduced if shipping is to outside EU.

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