Chunky Wraps

Chunky’s name comes from the fact that at the beginning I wanted to make thicker-than-average, very supportive and durable wraps. While the twill wraps and some other weaves are still ca. 320g/m2 or thicker, there are thinner options today as the weave and yarn options have multiplied. All wraps are nonetheless quite moldable and cushy with the right combination of stretch and texture.

The yarn used to weave my wraps is high quality eco-friendly and öko-standard yarn. Sewing is done using durable polyester yarn. In my dye jobs I use only safe dyes.

Up until wrap #027, all wraps have hemmed rails and small middle markers sewn under both rails. From #028, the rails are umhemmed and there are a few options for the middle marker (several different options for blessing thread arrangements, sewn-on tag(s), change in pattern, change of weft colour with or without a small grad, several tactile opions or a combination of these). Wraps can have tapered ends (taper depth ca. 20cm) or blunt ends. The wraps sport a label with information about the blend, the care instructions and the serial number of the particular wrap. On our website you can find the history of produced wraps with the corresponding numbers and information about the wrap (time of production, blend, colours, size, the country of the original owner).

You can find the per meter prices in Pricing.

Please note that the thicker wraps may wrap “shorter”, especially new, but handwovens tend to gain considerable extra length with use. You might consider “sizing up” in any case to be sure you have needed length.

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