Care instructions

Care instructions for Chunky baby slings

Your wrap has been wet finished and is ready to be used but you might like to wash it again as it has been made in a dog friendly home. A new wrap isn’t exactly dirty and doesn’t need much detergent, just the tiniest bit. Always try to use a moderate amount of detergent, as too much will lead to unnecessary foam. Wash your wraps from time to time but try to clean them asap if they get very dirty, especially silk. We recommend liquid detergent. Air the wrap between uses to get rid of moisture and change the way of folding/rolling it for storage from time to time to avoid creases.

With fancier combo blend wraps, always follow the care instructions for the most delicate fiber in the blend (e.g. cotton/linen/wool/tencel needs to be washed and ironed as wool).

Cotton/linen/hemp blends

Wash at 40 degrees (Celsius). Try to use a moderate spin cycle if possible. Use mild detergent with no bleach or brightener. One that you would wash cloth diapers with would be a safe choice. Do not use fabric softeners.

We can’t recommend tumble drying, especially with linen. If you insist on doing it, please use low temperature and realize you are doing it at your own risk.

Cotton, linen and hemp blend wraps can be ironed with hot setting. Do iron linen and hemp a little damp or use steam. Ironing linen and hemp helps to avoid permanent creasing – with other blends this is not as important.

Tencel (lyocell)

Wash tencel wraps as cotton but set the heat lower when ironing.

Bamboo (rayon bamboo)

Wash bamboo wraps with a delicate, low temperature cycle with low spin/no spin cycle. Iron with cool/warm setting.

Wool and silk blends

Wool and silk should be hand washed. Some washing machines may have suitable settings for silk and wool but with a wool blend you might still run a risk of felting the wrap so we cannot recommend it. If you insist on washing silk in washing machine, use extremely careful cycle with low spin or leave the spin cycle out altogether. We truly recommend that all wraps containing wool, of any percentage or any kind, even marked ”superwash” should be handwashed. Do not twist water out of a wool wrap but roll it gently in a big towel. Use detergent meant for wool and silk. No tumble drying.

We sincerely discourage you from using any hair care products or other similar substances not meant for wool to condition or help to break in your woolie.

Do not dry silk in direct sunlight.

Silk should be ironed on cool and wool on low or cool heat and with a bit of steam. Ironing silk and wool is not as important as with linen blends.

Ring Slings

Cover the rings with a sock, for instance, and fasten it with a rubber band.

Breaking in

We cannot recommend the toughest methods of breaking in for a handwoven. Although the wraps are durable, they have thicker yarn than machine wovens and are therefore more prone to pulls. Use common sense in taming the beast! ;)

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