Hello babywearing enthusiasts and newbies alike! I’m a Finnish mom of one that has the passion for beautiful wraps and crafts, so what better way to combine these two lovely things than making a living weaving and sewing the carriers for you loving parents!

The name of my slings originated from the simple fact that I love the beastlier type of wraps myself and wanted to bring some more of these adorable fatsos to the world. Nowadays, my wraps range from the thicker type all the way to the thinnest, depending on what you guys are looking for. Take a look at the information about the products, ordering, pricing and reviews and find out whether a Chunky would be your wrap too.

Chunky Slings is a one woman show – I make the slings from preparing the warp to the finishing touches with my sewing machine. I am happy to have such a fun job and honoured to be able to make slings with which you can carry your loved ones.



Raisa Aromaa
18 as 2
Orivesi, Pirkanmaa 35100


VAT FI25470885

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